Ceres 3
  • Ceres 3S:elite of mSATA SSD
  • Capacity:30GB/60GB/120GB/240GB
    Model:Ceres 3S
  • Seq Read/Write: Up to 550/525MB/s

    Media:Synchronus MLC Nand Flash


1)Fine design

As CoreRise always do before, we never produce SSDs as reference design. We invested much time to re-design the products to optimize the general design to ensure good products and no defects. 
2) Reliable tests
All SSDs made by CoreRise had to pass many kinds of complicated tests. That is why the RMA/AFR of Comay SSD are so good all the time.Genearlly, a new product has to be tested for more than 20,000 hours totally.
3) Wonderful manufacturering technology
CoreRise developed world first automatic production and test system and other advanced technology to reduce the price, avoid subjective mistakes, ensure the quality.